Do I really Need a Wedding Coordinator?

This short answer is YES, OF COURSE YOU DO! With wedding blogs, Pinterest and so many amazing books available for the newly engaged, more couples are planning their own nuptials from start to finish. And we love it! We love the DIY Bride! YAY DIY Brides!! But there is one, teeny, tiny hitch- you can’t coordinate your own wedding day. You need to hand off your perfectly planned wedding into the capable hands of an experienced and knowledgeable Wedding Coordinator that will make sure that all the “i’s” are dotted, the ‘t’s” are crossed and to put out any fires if needed. So, yes, if you want a stress free wedding day, you need to hire a Wedding Coordinator.

PLS Coordinate-Wedding Coordinator

Now that we have established that you need a Wedding Day of Coordinator, what about what they will do for you. To break it down, plain and simple, they will take all your plans and make them happen. But if you need to dive deeper into it, let’s peel a few layers:

1. They Make Wedding Day Magic

A Day of Coordinator is a magician. They are like David Blane and the Wizard of Oz (“Don’t worry about what’s behind the curtain.”) rolled into one. They get the job done and you know why? Because this isn’t their first rodeo! They are wedding day professionals; they have seen a few things and know what to do in any situation. Ask your Wedding Coordinator to tell you some wedding day stories and your mouth with hit the floor. And I will promise you that their happy couples were none the wiser because they hired a Wedding Coordinator to make sure all the crazy and stress of the day is taken care of.

2. They Take the Stress Away

Know what the best part about planning and party is? GOING TO THE PARTY! Your wedding is technically your first party as a married couple and you really want to be able to enjoy it and not stressing out about wedding vendors and timelines and Aunt Beatrice wanting to sit at table 9 but there isn’t space… Your Wedding Coordinator will make sure that you get to enjoy each moment of your big day.

3. They are Your Eyes and Ears

Your Wedding Coordinator directs the rehearsal, creates the wedding day timeline and makes sure everything runs like clockwork. They coordinate all the events and the people that are the players in the grand wedding day production; mostly importantly your wedding vendors.  They act as a liaison with your vendors, venue and wedding party. Think of them a your own personal bouncer; no one is getting to your unless they go through your Wedding Coordinator. They will answer questions, make decisions and finalize contracts.

4. They Will Become your Wedding BFF

Even though you are hiring your Wedding Coordinator for the day of your wedding, you will meet with them prior to discuss details, your expectations and what their contract includes. Most of the times, you will have over 85% of your planning done when you bring your Wedding Coordinator on board, but if you don’t, it’s ok (see #1), Wedding Coordinators are a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas. They will become your wedding bff as you head into the last leg of your wedding planning journey.

PLS Coordinate-Wedding Coordinator

With a Wedding Coordinator executing the details of your big day, you can enjoy all the special moments with your family and friends without stressing. Bonus points, your bridal party and family will enjoy the day too!! Many brides have their mothers, sisters, aunt or maid of honor running around, trying to handle all the wedding day details on top of being a part of the wedding party; talk about stress! The people closest to you should enjoy this special day too.

So, should you hire a Wedding Coordinator? Only of you want to look back fondly at your wedding day with your spouse as you gaze into each other’s eyes remembering your perfectly planned day that magically happened with the help of your own Fairy Godmother; aka, Your Wedding Coordinator.

PLS Coordinate-Wedding Coordinator

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