Your wedding is one of the most important days. And you have planned for possible snags in your wedding day (fickle weather, late guests, etc). But, when a world-wide pandemic occurs, are you prepared? With the Coronavirus affecting many spring and summer wedding plans, I want to give you some helpful advice on how to handle this uninvited wedding guest.

Should I Cancel My Wedding?

This is the number one question on the mind of brides and grooms. And as with your relationship, each wedding is unique as are the circumstances surrounding your wedding day.

No, don’t Cancel! First, before considering canceling, look at postponing your wedding day. With a complete cancellation, you will lose everything. But with a postponement, you might just lose your paid deposit. Contact your wedding vendors to see their policies. Some vendors allow monies to be transferred to a different date. Speak with your wedding coordinator or give us a call.

Nashville City officials have issued a statement encouraging residents to “carefully consider the implications” of holding gatherings of 100 or more people, but they have not issued a mandate against them. With this, it is up to the wedding venue on how to handle your event.

If your wedding requires the majority of your guests to travel, especially from overseas, than you should be prepared. Many flights are being canceled as is the number of travelers opting to forgo trips. Many brides are scaling back their guest lists. Think about live-streaming your wedding to keep your wedding guests that cannot attend still involved. Even considered Eloping at your Same venue since you already have it booked . Inquire about elopement options.

Keeping your Reception Happy & Healthy

No one likes to cancel a party, so the best defense is preparations and preventative solutions.

Number one on your list is keeping your wedding guests healthy, especially elderly relatives and guests with immunocompromised immune systems. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), states that the primary way coronavirus is spread is through respiratory droplets, which are formed when someone coughs or sneezes. Since these droplets are the main reason infections spread quickly, the CDC recommends avoiding close contact during the crisis.

But, how do you do that during your wedding reception?

And remember, just because the corona virus is here, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your wedding. It just takes a little extra planning and creative thinking. And some extra hand washing too.

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