Steps to Revise Your Wedding Date due to Covid-19

PLS Coordinate-Covid19-Wedding Date-couple at computer

As the spread of COVID-19 affects gatherings all around the globe, we are aware that your wedding date might be affected. We have some steps that will help transition your wedding date, while keeping you calm during the process. Breathe; it will be fine! The most important thing is your marriage, not necessarily the wedding. […]

Hosting a Virtual Wedding

During this unique time, it is time to start thinking uniquely. With our Virtual wedding Package, you can keep your wedding date and invite your friends and family from around the globe to witness your special day. Our team will come to your already booked venue, to your home or we can help you create […]

Hey Brides, Don’t forget These Five Things

PLS Coordinate, Five Things for Brides

We know you have a lot on your mind when it comes to your wedding; there are so many details to keep track of but we promise you, these five things are easy and will make your wedding all that more fabulous. The Right Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life No matter how much […]


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