We know you have a lot on your mind when it comes to your wedding; there are so many details to keep track of but we promise you, these five things are easy and will make your wedding all that more fabulous.

The Right Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life

No matter how much you love your wedding heels and how much you broke them in; after walking down the aisle, taking photos and more, your tootsies will be sore! Bring a cute pair of wedding sandals, Toms, or Converse for when the party starts and you want to hit the dance-floor. Brides, instead of slipping off your heels and going barefoot, be prepared and you can dance the night away.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

You know what is really romantic on your wedding night? Standing in the hotel lobby, tired and wearing your wedding gown while your new hubby checks into your honeymoon suite. Really sets the mood, right? The best suggestion to alleviate this is to have your Best Man, Maid of Honor or a trusted friend check you into your room. They can bring all your items before end of the night to the room, so that you can just walk right out of your reception and right into the start of your honeymoon. Also, this is a fantastic time for a grooms to plan a surprise for their brides; a bottle of bubbly, sprinkle of rose petals.

Throw Me Something Mister

One wedding tradition we enjoy is the garter toss. If you are planning on practicing this tradition at your reception, don’t forget to put on your garter before you put on your wedding gown. Full disclosure, we have had to slip on several garters; under a table, in a bathroom stall or a dark corner before the toss! Brides, if you think you might want to keep your garter as a wedding memento, buy the package that has two, so you don’t have to hunt down the lucky guy that caught it to get it back.

The Lips Have It

PLS Coordinate, Five Things for Brides, lipstick

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul, then your lips
are the messengers of the heart. Pretty perfect for a wedding right? Don’t leave those messengers naked and under-dressed. Brides, request that your makeup artist leave the lipstick or gloss that she used on you. Wedding coordinators can’t control your happy tears during the ceremony but we can help reapply your makeup for photos!

Minty Fresh Kiss

What are weddings about? True love? Sharing vows? Exchanging rings? We all know everyone is waiting for those five word, “YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE.” The applause, the oohs and ahhhs and tears. It’s your moment, the one you have practiced (maybe a few times). On your big day, you want it be perfect and minty fresh, right? Before walking down the aisle, pop a tick tack or mint into your mouth, and it will dissolve just in time for the big smooch! And as a reminder, NO GUM and this goes for all your bridal party; it just looks tacky and not classy.

And of course, the following is not one of the five things but will make your wedding day fabulous; hire a wedding coordinator! We will make sure that all these details (and a few hundred more) are taken care of. We want you to spend the evening dancing the night away in your comfy shoes, just like these brides and grooms did!

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