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As the spread of COVID-19 affects gatherings all around the globe, we are aware that your wedding date might be affected. We have some steps that will help transition your wedding date, while keeping you calm during the process.

  1. Breathe; it will be fine! The most important thing is your marriage, not necessarily the wedding. But we know how excited you are about celebrating with your family and friends. We are too!
  2. Decide if you want to postpone your wedding to next year or to a date later this year.
  3. Go over all your contracts and agreements that you have with venue and wedding vendors.
  4. Pull up all deposits you have paid. Review how much and if you have paid in full. Know these numbers and highlight and review agreements.
  5. Contact your wedding venue (email is probably fastest at a time like this) and see what dates they still have available later this year and next year.
  6. Discuss with your fiancé, parents and even your bridal party which dates work best from the options the venue provides you. Try to act fast because other couples are doing the same.
  7. Once a new date is selected, contact your vendors and see if they are available! Ask about date transfer. Ask if your already paid deposit transfers. Ask for an updated contract with the new wedding date.
  8. If your vendor is not available for the new wedding date, request a full refund or a partial refund that subtracts any work they have done (even though you are not having your date some vendors have started working or done work on your behalf). Put a time frame on this refund request. This way you can began to pay other deposits if need be.
  9. Contact your hotel and advise if change is need in your room blocks.
  10. Reach out to your wedding guests. To save money and time, create a facebook group, send a message from your rsvp site or even send out text. You can also sen out a postpone letter with your new date!
  11. If you would like to keep a special date, look for an alternatives to a big wedding day. From eloping to a Virtual Wedding there are many unique options. Your wedding guests can tune in and be part of your day!! Call us today to get this setup!

One thing in life that is for sure is change. You just have to roll with the punches but you don’t have to do it alone! PLS Coordinate is here to help!!

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